Legal Notice

Previously when Simray AS provided spot forex trading via different partners, it received enquiries from Financial Authorities about it's operations and the services offered.

The nature of this business and the services provided was apparently not always clear, but we are always happy to provide any information and clarification as required. However, in some rare cases our communications fail in such a way that financial authorities occasionally misinterpret the information we provide and believe that Simray and its service providers operate in an industry in which they do not operate.

In some extreme cases, the financial authorities even post a public warning indicating that we were offering services which we do not actually offer. Simray AS and its service providers did not and do not offer services such as banking or futures or option trading. When any financial authority inaccurately issued warnings against Simray apparently offering such services, this results in negative and unjust publicity for Simray and its service providers.

These accusations have become even more unjustified by the fact that Simray no longer even provides spot forex trading as it once did.

If anyone becomes aware of any unjustified warnings, please contact us immediately so that our legal department can take action and try to clarify this with the relevant authority.

Refund Policy
You can cancel your subscription to My Private Trade at any time, at just one week’s notice. If you have pre-paid for your subscription, we will refund 100% of the remaining amount on your account - no questions asked.