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At My Private Trade, we give you the tools to understand the forex market including daily market reports, multiple trading signals, plus top tips on protecting your profits. But that's not all. We will also show you how you can earn great commissions each month by recruiting others to My Private Trade.


With the subscription package containing daily market reports, multiple trading signals, and trading tips, it will be easier than ever before to understand how to profit from trading currencies with your preferred broker.

Remember: Trading currencies can be highly profitable if you protect your trades and limit any potential losses!


To maximize your profit potential from your own trading activities, a monthly subscription gives you access to market reports and trading signals from professional advisors.

The commercial value of this subscription is more than €200 per month, but you will only be charged €60.

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You can cancel your subscription to My Private Trade at any time, at just one week’s notice. If you have pre-paid for your subscription, we will refund 100% of the remaining amount on your account - no questions asked.